Moves community
We work with peoples who changes the world of everyday
We design and build applications, website and IT gadgets for free for non Profit organisation, social based idea and communities projects
How we work
We think the world can be changed just if we work together and if we are united to face problems
" It's a mutual help - Don't worry ".
We accept, design, build and release non-profit and community project and in the same time community members learn new technologies while working on project and grow thier CV working on real project
We develop for world changers
We build free software for non profit ,social based idea and communities
We help members learn new skills
While working on project, communities members learn new technologies and grow their CV
We help people changed the world
We let organisation focus on thier main purpose and we handle IT and computer based part of they job
For developers

Are you a developer, looking for more experience ?

Do you want to learn new skills with a great community ?

You can join us today. We devellop project that change the world and grow your skills and experience at the same time.
  • Good CV with great projects
  • Community help and social based experience
  • New skills learn with liberty
  • You can submit your own community project to be developed by your pear.
For Organization
You can submit your project now. We evaluate it and begin to work on it for free
If you project effectivelly is a non profit project, We could start working on it, and a dedicated community branch will handle your project that you will follow until the release in one of those domains :
  • Website
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data science based project
  • Mobile application
  • Internet of things based project
Don't you have a project, but you want to sustain the community grow ?
Everytimes you make an action, you help and organisation or a brand new devellopers to be more happy :)
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